~ The truth is that in life, we sometimes/often fail to listen to the best people who set out to guide us onto the right paths. We think we know it all and without a lot of knowledge, go off and do goodness knows what. There’s a difference between following your instincts whilst knowing the risks and choosing a decision based on very little knowledge on the circumstances ~

One of the things that fascinated in my Primary 7 class back when l was young, was the bookshelf at the far end of the room that held an enormous collection of books. Well l thought it was enormous anyway. It was in this class that l immensed myself into the wonderous, mysterious world of Nancy Drew.

Every night, armed with a torch or the simple moonlight that shone through my window, Carolyn Keene took me on adventures with Nancy that sent shivers down my spine and bursts of excitement and joy. Just like that, this sparked something inside me that l never knew existed and my love of books was born.

As a teenager, writing was always something l loved. After a long day at school, what better way to release your emotions but to write? Starting a blog was an idea that had always been on my mind but for a long time l was afraid of what those around me would say. However in life when you want something, you have to go and fight for it and get it yourself. 

With my blog, I intend to share my life experiences and the lessons l have learnt in the hope that they may also help others. I want to touch people’s lives and help them in any way that l can. Only then, will l say l have truly achieved the purpose of beginning this blog.

My name is Maureen-Jane ~ MJ for short ~ and l am a full time student who loves to talk, read, write and laugh.

Join me as l embark on this exciting journey!

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Lot’s of love

MJ xo