For most of us, 3rd or 4th year is just around the corner! For this reason, I have put together 3 of my best top tips to help you guys prepare for either internship or graduate applications. Preparation is key!


Now that University is finally over and summer is here, this is the best time to do some research regarding your future. Do some research on things like the sector you want to work in, which companies offer internships and/or graduate schemes and where you would like to work. For some of you, you might decide you want to move to a different city or stay in the same city. Either way, do your research so that you have a plan. Trust me, it feels amazing when you have a plan!

“I don’t know where to start.”

It’s okay to completely not know where to start. Trust me. Everyone has been there. Luckily l can share with you the two websites that became my absolute best friends last summer.

The first is Prospects. It is a fantastic website that gives you an insight into different sectors of different industries and helps you discover the various routes that your degree can lead you to. There is also a quiz that asks you various questions and matches your answers to different jobs. I found Prospects particularly helpful because it fully explains the job roles and has further information such as the job’s responsibilities, average salaries and relevant qualifications. It also has a “Career Advice” and “Course Advice” section where you can get lots more information if you are unsure about your where your course will take you or unsure about career routes.

The second is Inside Careers. This is a great website for those looking for a career in the financial industry. The website is packed with information to help you prepare for the various stages of internship and graduate applications from preparing your CV and cover letters, all the way to the assessment centre stages. This website was probably the most useful for me out of these two because l knew l wanted a career in the financial industry and it really opened my eyes to the different roles that one can take.


Most industries use psychometric tests to assess their candidates in the early stages and this is actually one of the hardest stages. Big companies receive 40 to 50 thousand applications a year(maybe even more) and the psychometric test level is one that most applications are rejected. Once you have established whatever industry it is that you are interested in and how they assess their candidates, you need to make a plan because failing to plan is planning to fail.Just as athletes spend a lot of time (usually years and years) training for the Olympics, you have to spend a lot of time preparing for psychometric tests.

Many companies offer various packages for practising psychometric tests. I personally used a company called Graduate First and honestly the reason that l picked it was because they were not as expensive as the others. Regardless of the reason l chose it, it served me very well. The questions that l practised were of course not the exact same as the ones that l did in the many applications l did but the lessons l learnt from the practise tests l did, are what helped me through the application processes. Their service comes with a 100% guarantee that if you fail your assessments, you get all of your money back which l think is very fair. I contacted Graduate First regarding this post and they were kind enough to provide a 30% off discount code off any of their packages so keep reading to get the code!


Practise! Practise! Practise!

Once you have purchased your psychometric test package, practise over and over again. If you have to do them 3 times a day for the whole summer, do it! Good things never come easy in life. 

The secret to getting your internship or graduatee job that you so much desire is to devote time to preparing. I promise you it will be so worth it. I strongly believe that every single person in this world is beautifully capable of getting what their heart most desires if they put all of their effort into it.

As l said in Believe That You Can and The Road Trip, believing in yourself is the best thing you can ever do in this world. As long as you believe that you can (and work towards it ofcourse), then you will!

As my father has always told me; If something is easy, then it is not worth it. However, if it is hard it is so worth it because the fruits that you reap from that difficult work, are ones that you will trully enjoy and forever be proud of.


I hope my 3 top tips for applying for an internship or a graduate job really helps! You are all amazing and l know you can do it. You just have believe in yourselves and Research, Plan then Practise.

Good luck everyone! 

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6 thoughts on “3 Key Ways To Plan Ahead for Internship and Graduate Applications”

  1. Finding a grad job was such a pain, OMG. So many applications, CV and cover letters sent and written. I am fine now but I wish I was better prepared and known all of these tips! xx corinne

  2. This is such a great post that I’m sure will help so many! Things like this can be so daunting and scary when you don’t know what steps to take next or where to start!

    Ellie x

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