We are almost halfway through June! Can you believe it?! Shout out to the fact that my birthday is just around the corner. It’s in July by the way guys!

Today, l thought l would share with you the three greatest lessons that 2017 has taught me so far. I feel so blessed because l have had more ups than downs but the one thing about life is that you can always learn from everything whether good or bad.


Don’t be afraid to follow your dream

For those who don’t know, prior to launching my blog, blogging was something that l had been thought of doing a while. However, l was scared. Scared that no one would be interested to read it and scared that l would be laughed at or made fun by others. As time went by, l realised that l had a dream and l was letting my fear be an obstacle in allowing this dream to become a reality.

l began my blog in the hope that l would be able to help and motivate others through some of my experiences. On the 20th of April, after a hardworking couple of weeks, l launched my blog and it was the best decision l have ever made in my life! I haven’t looked back since. I enjoy writing and showing off all of my content on my social media. Yes some people may not support me, but at the end of the day, l had a dream and l made it a reality. For that, this gives me great happiness.

Top Tip: No matter what your dream is, believe in yourself and make it a reality. Don’t let fear stop you from making your dreams become a reality.

All actions have consequences

When you think about it, all inputs have outputs. For instance, for every hour you work (input), you get paid (output). For every hour you study (input), you gain knowledge or great results (output). Everything we do in life has a consequence and it is so important to remember this. It is so easy to get influenced to do things that are very much out of your character or be someone you are not just because you get carried away easily.

This year, l have had to keep on reminding myself continuously that every choice has a result. This result may be good or bad. It all depends on you. Life is a learning process and we all make mistakes. Nobody is prefect. I have made my own personal mistakes and l have had to heavily learn from them. The great thing about life is that mistakes help you learn a lot more about what kind of person you are and what kind of people others are.

Once is a mistake. Twice is a choice. Strive to always learn from your mistakes so that you don’t make the same mistake twice. This year has taught me to be extra selective about every decision that l have to make.

Top Tip: You don’t have to always say yes. Sometimes no is good too.

Just do you

Have you ever observed sheep? They tend to move in their flocks and follow one another. When a sheep is lost, it goes looking for it’s flock.

Have you ever observed an eagle?

Maybe you haven’t. To be fair, l haven’t either so it’s okay, we are in the same boat. Now l may not have observed an eagle but l do know some facts about them. They fly at high altitudes and they do so alone. They have great focus and once they settle on a prey, they shoot straight for it. Regardless of any obstacles they don’t lose focus on their prey.

Why am l referencing sheep and eagles?

In life, we all have to better ourselves and become the best we can be. We can do so at our very best by being eagles. Unknowingly, we seek approval from those around us hoping to impress them or be seen in a certain way. We have all been culprits of this at some point whether we realise it a lot.

This year for me has been me pulling back on everything and making decisions for me as a person. Being an eagle this year has shown me just how much l can achieve. By forgetting those around me and focussing on my prey(my goals or targets), l have been blessed enough to fight my way through obstacles to achieve my goals. I have learnt that it is okay to just be me and do what l feel is important to succeed in life and meet my other goals.

Top Tip: Fly alone. Why follow others when you can follow yourself?


Is there anything you have learnt this year that you would like to share with me?

Comment below with your thoughts and let’s simply talk. Remember, our voice matters.

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Lots of Love!

MJ xo

21 thoughts on “3 Greatest Lessons 2017 Has Taught Me So Far”

  1. wow, how awesome that you were able to learn such much meaningful things in 2017. I think being able to learn and adapt is such an important part of life.

  2. There is no doubt that this is a great year for you and your own development. Just great that you pushed ahead to launch your own blog and are targeting things that will bring you happiness in your life. Maureen is definitely an eagle and not a sheep! You go girl!

  3. I love that saying, once is a mistake, twice is a choice. I really do like this post, such an inspiring and uplifting post. It makes me feel very motivated! Beautifully written! X

  4. Firstly, happy birthday for next month! I can’t believe it’s already June either, it’s gone SO fast. Your 3 lessons are such invaluable ones – more and more people need to learn to just these. Especially the “be you” one x
    Claire | clairesyear.com

  5. It’s always good to look back, I don’t do it enough. I remember those initial blogging anxieties; I still have them especially when I post abut clothes, for some reason. Plugging away and enjoying what I’m doing, which is nice.

    1. You are still following your dreams though and that is beyond amazing! ❤️ A little bit of anxiety isn’t too bad. We all have it. As long as you enjoy it then yay!

  6. I love this post! I’ve always found I do better after failure. It’s very hard sometimes to do you when others don’t understand what you want to do but it’s nice reading blogs like this that motivate me again! Keep going!

    1. Definitely! And honestly, l think you always achieve more if you do it alone than do it because others are doing things.

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